Additional Social Post Fields

If you are using the full Social Customer Service version, not the Starter Pack, and classifiers in Social Studio (Radian6) Social Hub, four more fields are available on the social post object: Analyzer Score, Language, Classification, and Engagement Level.
Social Post fields
Analyzer Score

Analyzer Score lets you score the relevance and importance of a social post. You can set up your own custom relevancy system using all the conditions available in the Social Hub including number of followers, strong wording, library and proximity. You then define and weigh each of your criteria, add and subtract to a score you associate to the post. Once in Salesforce, agents can make routing and priority decisions based on this score.

Language identifies which language the social post is written in.
Classification helps answer the question: “Why are they posting?” and separates posts into themes.
Engagement Level
Engagement level reflects the workflow status of the post at the time it was sent.

With these fields, agents have the information they need to route social posts and cases to the correct teams. You can also customize your Apex class to assign cases appropriately.