Basic Business Rules

Customize your Social Customer Service Apex class within the setup interface and without making time-consuming code modifications.

On the Social Customer Service Inbound Settings tab, administrators can select business rules for how inbound social data is handled.

Inbound Settings tab in Edit mode for business rules


Inbound Business Rules are not available if you are using a custom Apex class.

Enable Case Reopen
If a new post, from the same social persona, is associated to a closed case, the case is reopened within the designated number of days. The number must be greater than or equal to 1 and less than or equal to 3000.
Use Person Accounts
Assign a person account of the selected type for the social persona parent record.
Create Case for Post Tags
Override the social hub’s case creation rules and create a case when selected post tags are present on a social post. Post Tags are used to answer the question "What is the topic of this one post?". Post tags, set in Social Studio (Radian6) Social Hub, help to provide further context to what the individual post is about.