Give Agents More Options with the Community Case Feed (Generally Available)

With the community case feed, agents and community users in Summer ‘15 see the life cycle of a case from start to finish: all case interactions appear in a unified, chronological Chatter case feed. Community users benefit from the added functionalities of Chatter, while new features on the support side make it easier for agents to provide more efficient, personalized support.
Available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

The community case feed gives community users an intuitive, versatile environment where they can manage their cases. Using the publisher (1), users create posts and attach files to the case. The feed (2) comes fully equipped with Chatter’s collaboration tools: users can bookmark, like, and comment on posts, and mention other users. Images and comments appear inline, making it easy to scan the feed for details. The Attachments sidebar (3) displays all case attachments.
Community case feed
The following interactions appear in the community case feed: If the Salesforce administrator exposes read-only social posts on cases, these also appear in the community case feed.

The community case feed is available in all communities built on the self-service community templates, as well as those built on the Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce template. It can be added to new communities created after the Summer ‘15 release or to communities that have been upgraded to the Summer ‘15 templates.

New Features for Support Agents

Support agents using the community case feed can scan case interactions and collaborate with customers and other agents without leaving the console.
Post to Cases or Community Questions in the Console
The Community action in the case feed makes it easy for agents make Chatter posts on cases, answer community questions, and adjust the visibility of posts.


Prior to Summer ‘15, agents used the Community action to make case comments and specified who could see the comment by selecting Customer or Everyone.

Posting on a case with the Community action makes the post visible to all internal and external users with access to the case:
Community action
If a case originates from a question in the community, the Community action displays two options:
  • Select Customer Case to make a post visible to all internal and external users with access to the case.
  • Select Community Question to post a public answer on the community user’s question.
Community action for questions


You can still use the Post, File, and Link actions in the console to communicate with external users on a case. Just be sure to select All with Access in the audience drop-down menu.

Edit the Visibility of Published Case Posts
When necessary, agents can change the external visibility of a published text, link, or file post on a case. This option is available only if the compact case feed is enabled.
Make Public option

In the post’s drop-down menu in the compact case feed, agents can select Make Public to make an internal post visible to external users with access to a case. Conversely, selecting Make Private makes a post visible to internal users only. Making a post private means a customer no longer sees the post in their case feed. However, keep in mind that the customer could have been notified by email when it was first posted.

To edit Chatter posts on a case, agents need the “Edit My Own Posts” and “Edit Posts on Records I Own” user permissions.