Salesforce1 App Development Overview

Several platform enhancements support Salesforce1 development.

Lightning Components

You can now render string fields as picklists in custom Lightning components you’ve configured for the Lightning App Builder. For more information see Create Picklists for Lightning App Builder Components.

See Lightning Components for other enhancements to the Lightning Component framework.


Custom marker icons let you add style or branding to a map. You can also use custom markers to show different kinds of locations on the same map. For details, see Customize Visualforce Maps with Custom Markers.

You can add information related to a location to Visualforce maps with info windows. Info windows appear when the user clicks or taps on a map marker. For details, see Enrich Visualforce Maps with Info Windows.

API Support

The APIs support Salesforce1 development. Unless otherwise noted, these enhancements for Salesforce1 development were made available in API version 34.0.
Chatter REST API
There’s a new enabled parameter for the /connect/scheduled-recommendations and /connect/scheduled-recommendations/scheduledRecommendationId resources, to indicate whether a recommendation is scheduled.
There’s a new actionUrlName parameter for the /connect/recommendation-definitions and /connect/recommendation-definitions/recommendationDefinitionId resources, to customize the label for recommendations.
These recommendations appear directly in the feed when using the Salesforce1 mobile browser app. For more information, see New and Changed Chatter REST API Resources.
Metadata API
A new field, platformActionList, was added to the FlexiPage and Layout Metadata types. PlatformActionList represents the list of actions, and their order, that display in the Salesforce1 action bar for the respective context: Lightning Page or page layout. For more information, see Metadata Types and Fields.