Engage for Salesforce1

Engage for Salesforce1 keeps your sales reps informed about prospect activity in real time. A rep can filter prospects and then add any prospect to a nurture program. You add Engage to the Salesforce1 navigation menu and the Add Prospects action to page layouts. Salesforce Engage is an add-on to Salesforce Pardot. Engage for Salesforce1 is available for all versions of Salesforce1.
Engage for Salesforce1 available in: Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited Editions

To narrow a list of prospects, a rep can use the predefined filters or filters that you define.

Prospect filters in Salesforce Engage

A rep can choose any prospect and add it to a nurture program on the spot.

Nurture program search in Salesforce Engage

For more information, see Engage for Salesforce1 in the Pardot User Guide.