View All Pending Approval Requests in One Location

Salesforce1 lists all pending approval requests in one central place, making it easy for users to keep track of pending approvals and respond to requests while on the go. This feature is now available in the Salesforce1 downloadable app for Android devices, version 7.2. It was previously released in the Salesforce1 downloadable app for iOS devices, version 6.0 and the Salesforce1 mobile browser app.
Approvals are available in: Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

To view an approval request, open the Salesforce1 navigation menu and tap Approvals (or Approval Requests in the iOS downloadable app). A list of pending approvals for the current user displays. Tap a specific approval request to view the request details and then tap Approve or Reject. Approvers can also tap notifications to open an approval request, view request details, and approve or reject requests.

This item is included in the navigation menu by default. The layout can be configured using the Setup menu in the full site.

For more information, see “Approvals in Salesforce1: Limits and Differences from the Full Salesforce Site” in the Salesforce Help.