Quickly Search Salesforce Knowledge and Attach Articles to Cases Using Macros

In the Summer ʼ15 release, you can create macros to automatically run keyword searches for Salesforce Knowledge articles and attach articles to cases. Using macros makes it easier and faster for support agents to find and provide relevant support articles about common customer issues.
Available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions with a Service Cloud license and with a Salesforce Knowledge

Salesforce Knowledge must be set up before you can use macros to search and attach articles.

Now support agents can use macros to:
  • Search for Salesforce Knowledge articles by keyword and by article number
  • Attach the most relevant article to the case
  • Attach an article as a PDF or as HTML to an email in Case Feed
  • Insert an article into a case as HTML


You can create and run a macro to automatically select an article and attach it to a reply email to a customer. For example, suppose customers often contact support for information about resetting their passwords. You can create a macro that selects the “How to Reset Your Password” article and inserts it into the support agent’s reply email. This macro saves the agent time spent searching for articles and copying and pasting them into emails.