Insert Field Values into a Case Using Macros

You can use macros to automatically insert field values into fields, making it simple to add additional information to a record. Add and Insert instructions tell the macro to add the specified field values to the existing values in a field.
Available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions with a Service Cloud license

Add and Insert instructions append the specified value or text to the field, but do not delete any values or text already in the field.

When a macro runs an Add or Insert instruction on a single-line field, the new value is appended to the existing values. When the field is a multi-line field, such as an email body field, the macro inserts the specified value at the cursor position in the field.


You can create a macro to insert Quick Text into a Community post. In Community actions, the “Insert” instruction is useful because you can retain the @mention and add text after it.