Automatically Set Agents’ Status to Away When a Chat Request Times Out

It’s hard to believe, but sometimes agents forget to update their status! We added a new option that lets you set your agents' Live Agent status to Away automatically when a chat request that's been assigned to them times out. This can help you improve your chat routing by removing unavailable agents from the queue.

Previously, you could only set agents' status to Away automatically if they declined a chat, using the Auto Away on Decline feature. Now, in addition to the Auto Away on Decline feature, we added the ability to set agents' status to Away if they don't respond to a request within the time specified by the Push Time-Out setting.

This option applies only when agents are assigned to chat buttons or invitations that use push routing. This option isn't available if your organization uses Choice routing to route chats to your agents.

The Auto Away feature works only on chats that are routed through the Live Agent footer widget. It's not supported in the new Omni-Channel widget.

For more information on Push Time-Out, see Live Agent Configuration Settings.