Match Production Licenses to Sandbox without a Refresh

You can match provisioned licenses in production to your sandbox organization without having to refresh your sandbox, saving you time.
Available in: Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions

Matching updates sandbox license counts to match the counts in production, adds licenses that are in production but not in sandbox, and deletes licenses that aren’t in production.

To match licenses to a sandbox organization, log in to your sandbox. From Setup, click Company Profile | Company Information | Match Production Licenses. You get an alert when the matching process has started. After all licenses have been matched in sandbox, you receive a confirmation email. The confirmation email is sent to the user who initiates the license copy.

Matching production licenses requires that your sandbox and production organizations are on the same Salesforce release. If your sandbox has been upgraded to the next release—for example, during sandbox preview—but your production organization hasn't, you can't match production licenses.

The Match Production Licenses tool isn’t available in trial organizations. To use the tool, you must have the “Modify All Data” permission.