Prospecting Insights for Accounts

Are your sales reps spending more time hunting for prospect information than on the phone actually connecting with potential customers? Help is here. Prospecting Insights give your reps access to existing and new fields from We’ve combined D&B company details and industry intelligence on one page to help your reps start smarter conversations with their prospects and customers.
The Prospecting Insights snapshot gives reps quick insights into a company’s business, financial, competitive, and industry details–all integrated into the Sales Cloud. Enable Prospecting Insights by adding the Prospecting Insights button to the account detail page layout. Sales reps click the button to see key business details for account records, including the new D&B fields.

Prospecting Insights are available only for records that were imported from, or cleaned by, If a rep clicks Prospecting Insights for an account whose insights aren’t available, a message recommends cleaning the record.

Get Insights

Prospecting Insights show key business and financial details, and give reps direct access to contacts at the company.

Business Details

Prospecting Insights show industry details and identify trends and opportunities, giving your reps the account and industry information they need to make effective prospect calls.

Trends and Opportunities

Clicking the Prospecting Insights button on the account record page provides view-only insights for reps who have Prospector Corporate and Premium licenses. The Prospecting Insights page delivers information in real time from

Company details
  • Address, phone, and website
  • Location size(1), location type, and location ownership
  • Tradestyle, if any
  • Year of founding
Financial details
  • Fiscal year end(1)
  • Stock market exchange and symbol
  • S&P 500 flag(1)
  • Fortune 1000 rank(1)
  • Delinquency risk, which predicts the likelihood of this company paying 90 or more days late over the next 12 months(1)


    Use this information for marketing pre-screening purposes only.

  • Annual revenue for the most recent and prior year, and growth percentage(1)
  • Net income for the most recent year(1,2)
  • Employee number for the most recent and prior year, and growth percentage(1)
Industry details
  • NAICS and SIC primary classifications
  • Industry selector, for access to related industries based on the company’s primary NAICS and SIC classifications
  • Call prep questions to help reps tailor conversation topics(1)
  • Competitive landscape analysis(1,2)
  • Industry trends(1,2)
  • Industry opportunities(1,2)
  • Industry websites(1)
Contacts from
  • Direct access to contacts, grouped by department
Top competitors
  • Links to websites for up to eight of the company’s top competitors, listed by revenue(1)

(1)New (2)Available only with a Premium license