Distribute a Managed Version of Salesforce Files Sync (Beta)

The Managed Version feature of Salesforce Files Sync that was piloted in the Spring '15 release is now in beta for Summer ‘15. This feature allows IT Administrators to deploy the Salesforce Files Sync desktop client at scale.


The Managed Version of Salesforce Files Sync is in beta and has known limitations. We welcome your feedback on the Idea Exchange.

Managed Version can be deployed in an organization by IT Administrators using a Group Policy or Configuration Management Software. Enabling the Managed Version disables all user-accessible download links and banners for the Files Sync Client in Salesforce, so IT Administrators become the only ones who can deploy and upgrade Files Sync.

What’s New in the Beta Version?

Pilot customers gave us feedback while using this feature. Now in beta, Managed Version installs the Salesforce Files Sync client in the users’ Program Files directory instead of in \users.

Access the Managed Version settings in Setup | Administer | Desktop Administration | Salesforce Files Sync Settings.
Files Sync Settings