Other Changes in Salesforce Files

Salesforce Files has increased limits, improved content deliveries, and other changes.
Available in: All Editions

Sync up to 10,000 Files
Now sync up to 10,000 files from your computer to Salesforce!
Share File Message Field Limit Increased to 5,000 Characters
When using Share with People or Share with Groups to share a file with individual users or groups, enter up to 5,000 characters in the message field, instead of the previous 255 character limit.
Content Deliveries Default Bandwidth Increased to 10 GB Every 24 Hours
We’ve increased the default delivery bandwidth for content deliveries from 1 GB to 10 GB per rolling 24-hour window.
Personal Library Renamed to Private Library
Personal Files and Personal Library have been renamed to Private Files and Private Library. The tab in content libraries that was named Personal Files is now Private Files. On the Files tab in Chatter, Personal Library is renamed to Private Library.
Improved User Experience for Password-Protected Content Deliveries
Content deliveries that are set to require a password have an improved experience for recipients who are accessing the content.