Connect to Content in Google Drive

With Files Connect, Salesforce users can access and share content from Google’s popular cloud-based system. Fully integrate external content by including it in Salesforce searches.

User Permissions Needed
To enable Files Connect, create an external data source, and include that data source in search: “Customize Application”

The following online Help topics outline the setup process. (When Summer ’15 is released, these will include additional configuration details for Google Drive.)

  1. Enable Files Connect for your organization.
  2. Let users access Google Drive.
  3. Create an authentication provider for Google Drive.
  4. Define an external data source for Google Drive.
  5. To let users access external data in Salesforce searches, create an external object and give users access to its fields. This is an optional step, but highly recommended to best integrate external data with Salesforce.
  6. Ask users to provide their data source credentials. Now they can download and share external files via the Files tab and feed, and search for them right alongside their Salesforce content.