Other Enhancements to Analytics for iOS (v1.2)

These other updates improve your mobile Analytics experience.
New chart type: stacked bar
Visualize your data as a horizontal or vertical stacked bar chart.
Standard bar charts show up to two groupings
Show more granularity by adding more groupings to a standard bar chart.
The date widget is now supported
While reading dashboards, you can now explore data by date.
Easily return to Salesforce1
After opening Analytics for iOS from a link in Salesforce1, tap back to return to Salesforce1.
Scale axes to fit data in line charts
In the dashboard’s JSON file, add the fit parameter to the chart widget. For more information, see the Widget Parameters Property Reference in the Analytics Cloud Dashboard JSON Reference guide.
Compound filters are now supported
Filter, filter, filter away!
Toggle and list widgets support the shortened number format
If configured, they display 1,043 as 1k.
Dashboard bindings support the field() operation
For more information, see Bindings in the Analytics Cloud Dashboard JSON Reference guide.
Analytics for iOS is even faster
For improved performance, multi-page dashboards only run queries on the current page.
Bug fixes
Analytics for iOS runs even more reliably thanks to miscellaneous bug fixes.