Support for Apple Watch™ (v1.2)

Check your data on your wrist from an Apple Watch.
Analytics on Apple Watch

Salesforce Analytics for iOS is compatible with Handoff™.

When Salesforce Analytics for iOS is viewed at a glance, the last opened dashboard or lens is shown. If a dashboard is shown, a number is displayed which is the first number widget present in the dashboard. If no number widget is present in the dashboard, then no number is shown.

Before heading out the door with your data “at hand,” be aware of a few watch-specific limits and notes.

Apple Watch Limitations
Feature Limitations
Connection Salesforce Analytics for iOS on Apple Watch is always connected to the same organization that the paired iPhone app is connected to. To switch organizations, do so from your phone.
  • Only the last 10 opened dashboards are listed.
  • Only the last 10 opened lenses are listed.


You can open any of your dashboards and lenses, even if they’re not listed, by searching for them by name using Siri®.

Dashboards Dashboards support only one page, one column. Rows can only have one cell.


If a dashboard seems to be missing widgets on Apple Watch, it’s most likely for one of two reasons. Either a grid layout hasn’t been set for the dashboard or the missing widgets aren’t supported.

Dashboard Designer The Dashboard Designer isn’t available.
Widgets Only these widgets are supported: Chart, Table, Number, Toggle, List, Text, and Scope.
  • Charts show 10 elements (bars, slices, etc.).
  • Tables show 10 rows.
  • Lists show 10 values, but you can use Siri® to search for more items by name.
Datasets Datasets can’t be opened and aren’t available in list views.
Wave Data Connector The Wave Data Connector isn’t available on Apple Watch.