Analytics for iOS: New in v1.4

Now you can add data from XLSX and TSV files, use two groupings in line charts, filter measures and dimensions with advanced operators, and much more.

User Permissions Needed
To log in to Salesforce from Analytics for iOS: “Use Analytics Cloud
Download Analytics for iOS
For the latest enhancements, download Salesforce Analytics for iOS from the App Store. Analytics for iOS is available for Apple iPhone 4 and later models running iOS 7 and later.

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New in Analytics for iOS v1.4:
  • Add data from TSV and XLSX files. Data you add in Analytics for iOS is kept locally on your device in the playground. It isn’t available in Analytics Cloud on the Web.
  • Show two groupings in line charts as different colored lines.
  • Display legends alongside line and bar charts.
  • Use advanced filter operators in measures and dimensions: Contains, Equal To, Not Equal To, Between, Greater Than, Greater Than Or Equal To, Less Than, Less Than Or Equal To
  • Aggregate filters using measures: Sum, Minimum, Maximum, Average, Count
    Filter measure
  • Link to Salesforce1 and external sites from tables and charts.
  • Disable unwanted sharing options for your organization.
  • When you share from Analytics for iOS to Chatter, a link to the shared asset is included in your Chatter post.
  • When editing dashboard JSON files, use a new chart type: normalized stacked bar.
  • Line and bar charts support multimetrics.
  • When you visit another dashboard using a link, the measures, groups, and filters you’ve set are preserved and sent to the linked dashboard. If a measure, group, or filter can’t be applied to the linked dashboard, then it is discarded.
  • Customize how dashboards appear when shown on an external display in Presentation Mode by editing the layouts section in the dashboard’s JSON file.
  • Basic Mobile Device Management support.