Add Custom Menus to Create Salesforce Actions and Link to Records from Dashboards and Lenses

Wave users now have more control over their Salesforce experience through custom menus you add to charts and tables that can take advantage of both actions and links to Salesforce records.

With new custom actions menus, members of your team can use quick actions that have been added to Salesforce objects—directly from Wave dashboards and lenses. Users can also access records from Salesforce or elsewhere on the Web through the menus. A developer or administrator on your team adds a dimension section to a dataset’s Extended Metadata (XMD) file to add a custom menu with actions and links to records to a chart or table. They also need to add an organizations section for links from datasets with records from multiple Salesforce org instances. For more details about XMD, see the Salesforce Extended Metadata (XMD) Overview.

Dimension search

Once you’ve added a custom menu, a user hovers over the label or a value in a chart or a table to see if the menu is available and then clicks to view the menu contents. The user can then use the menu to perform the available actions. Currently, menus only support create actions (see Create Object-Specific Quick Actions). Other actions will be supported in future releases.

As before, menus also support links to records in Salesforce and external websites. Previously, the link functionality only worked on datasets with records from a single Salesforce org. Now, the new XMD organizations section enables menu links to work with datasets that span multiple orgs.