Link from Lens and Dashboard Tables and Charts

You’ve presented your data in a lens or a dashboard, and now you want more detail. Your team can create custom links from tables and charts in Analytics Cloud lenses and dashboards to corresponding records in Salesforce (like Accounts, Cases, and Opportunities) or external websites.
Links can pass specific bits of data, such as Salesforce account IDs, from lenses or dashboards to the records that contain them. For example, a link from an account name in a dashboard could be configured to pass the related account ID to Salesforce; when a user clicks the link, the appropriate account record opens in a new tab. Custom links can also look up employees in Workday® or expense reports in Concur®. Any website can be linked to as long as it uses the http or https protocol.
Table with Link Icon Chart with Link Icon

For information about how to set up linking from dashboards, see Link to Salesforce Records or External Websites in the Analytics Cloud help.