Wave Look and Feel Enhanced by Changes to CSS for Fonts and Widgets

To make the Wave user interface up-to-date and consistent, we’ve made changes to font and widget CSS.

Next time you log in to Analytics Cloud, you’ll see updated font and widget appearance. We’ve enhanced the CSS that controls them.

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We’ve updated fonts in the following areas.

  • List, Date, Toggle, Scope, Range, Text, Link, and Number widgets
  • Dashboard titles
We’ve also updated the CSS in these widgets.
  • List and Date widgets now include a down arrow and a different button when they’re in their collapsed state, use a new border color, and no longer have a background color.
  • The Toggle widget and Link button have a new border color and no longer use a background color.
  • In the number widget, if Shorten Number is enabled, the suffix appears in half size.


You may need to clear your browser cache for CSS changes to take effect on dashboards.