SOAP API includes new data types and changed calls.

New Data Types

Duplicate Management

Here are new data types you can use to manage duplicate records. When you create or update a record, you get a SaveResult object. If you have active duplicate rules and a duplicate is detected, SaveResult will contain an Error object with a data type of DuplicateError. Use DuplicateError and its constituent data types to manage duplicate records. For more information and code examples, check the SOAP API Developer’s Guide.

Represents a duplicate rule for detecting duplicate records.
Determines options for using duplicate rules to detect duplicate records. Duplicate rules are part of the Duplicate Management feature.
Contains information about an error that occurred when an attempt was made to save a duplicate record. Use if your organization has set up duplicate rules, which are part of the Duplicate Management feature.
The new StatusCode of DUPLICATES_DETECTED is used for an Error with a data type of DuplicateError.
Represents the details of a duplicate rule that detected duplicate records and information about those duplicate records.
Represents the duplicate results for a matching rule.
Represents a duplicate record detected by a matching rule.
Represents other information, if any, about matched records.
Represents the name of a matching rule field and how the values of the field compare for the duplicate and its matching record.
JunctionIdList Junction Relations

JunctionIdList is a new field type.

JunctionIdList Field Type
Starting in API version 34.0, the JunctionIdList field type lets you manipulate the many-to-many relationship of an entity directly. You no longer need to manipulate underlying junction entity records. JunctionIdList fields can be queried and updated like any other field on the entity. Queries or updates to JunctionIdList fields act as queries or updates to the underlying junction entity records. Fields of type JunctionIdList appear in the WSDL as an unbounded array of type ID.

Changed Calls

describeFlexiPages() and DescribeFlexiPageResult
The following field has been added:
  • region—This field is reserved for future use.
describeLayout() and DescribeLayoutResult
The following fields have been added:
  • feedViewFeed view related layout data for a feed-based layout. This field is null for page layouts that are not feed-based.
  • DescribeLayoutFeedFilterRepresents an individual feed filter option that you can use to filter the feed.
  • DescribeLayoutFeedViewRepresents the layout of the feed view for a feed-based page layout.
The following type has been added to LayoutComponentType:
  • AnalyticsCloud—An Analytics Cloud dashboard on the page layout.
describeSObjects() and DescribeSObjectResult
The following field has been added to the Field object: