Users with Standard External Profiles Can No Longer Log In To Experience Cloud Sites

Users with standard external profiles can no longer log in to Experience Cloud sites such as communities and portals.

Where: This change applies to all Experience Cloud sites accessed through Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Who: This change applies to all Salesforce orgs using standard external profiles:
  • Customer Community Plus
  • Customer Community Plus Login
  • Customer Portal Manager
  • Customer Portal Manager Custom
  • Customer Portal Manager Standard
  • Ideas Only Portal
  • Limited Customer Portal Manager Custom
  • Limited Customer Portal Manager Standard
  • Overage Customer Portal Manager Custom
  • Overage Customer Portal Manager Standard
  • Bronze Partner
  • External Apps Plus Login
  • External Apps Plus Member
  • Gold Partner
  • Partner
  • Partner Community
  • Partner Community Login
  • Silver Partner
  • Authenticated Website
  • CSP Lite Portal
  • Customer Community
  • Customer Community Login
  • External Apps Login
  • External Apps Member
  • High Volume Customer Portal
  • High Volume Portal
  • Overage Authenticated Website
  • Overage High Volume Customer Portal
  • Platform Portal

How: Users in your org who are assigned to the above external standard profiles can no longer log into Experience Cloud sites such as communities and portals. To give access to your Experience Cloud users, clone the standard external profile that they’re assigned to, and change object permissions to meet your business needs. Then assign the cloned profile to the users who access the site.

To still use standard profiles to allow login, enable the Allow using standard external profiles for self-registration and user creation setting in Setup | Digital Experiences | Settings. Enabling this permission is not a Salesforce security best practice.