Hello Experience Cloud, Farewell Community Cloud

To better reflect the many types of connected digital experiences you can create—including portals, websites, help centers, forums, and mobile apps—Community Cloud is now called Experience Cloud.

Where: This change affects all Salesforce orgs using Community Cloud.

Why: As part of this rename, you can expect changes to the tools you use to build your sites and terminology and documentation updates. Let’s take a closer look.

First up, terminology. Whether you’re creating a forum, portal, or any other type of digital experience, at the most basic level, you’re building an online site. So instead of saying community, which primarily connotes a forum where people interact with one another, we now use the term site in much of the user interface and documentation.

Here’s a quick summary of the key terminology changes.

We used to say... Now we say... Meaning...
Community Site or Experience Cloud site The site you build in Experience Cloud using either Experience Builder or Visualforce.
Lightning community Experience Builder site The site you build using Experience Builder.
Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce community Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce site The site you build using Visualforce.
Lightning community template Experience Builder template The template you use to build a site in Experience Builder, such as the Customer Service and the Build Your Own templates.
Lightning community theme Experience Builder theme The theme you use to style your site in Experience Builder.
Lightning community page Experience Builder page The pages that make up your site in Experience Builder.

Next, let’s look at the main user interface changes. To access your sites from Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Digital Experiences, and select All Sites.Digital Experiences page in Setup



If you accidentally enter Community in the Quick Find box, we automatically display the renamed Digital Experiences menu instead—we know that old habits are hard to break!

The other items in the Digital Experiences menu are also simplified, but all settings and items contained in this area remain the same. And, as appropriate, we replaced community with site or Experience Cloud site in Experience Workspaces, Experience Builder, and other areas of your org.

Finally, you can see the same updates and terminology changes in our documentation, including help topics, developer guides, Trailhead content, and more.