Simplify Logins and Profiles on Salesforce-Related Sites with

With, you access multiple Salesforce-related sites with one login, and manage your profile and settings in one place.

Where: is available to AppExchange, Events, IdeaExchange, Trailblazer Community, and Trailhead users. Partner Community doesn't use features, but shares some profile data with the Partner Community profile.

When: is generally available in January 2020.

Why: You have a lot of usernames and passwords to remember. You have different profiles on Salesforce-related sites like Trailhead and Trailblazer Community. With, we combined all those accounts so you access any of the sites with one login. Switch between the sites using the Application Launcher.

the Application Launcher

And you manage your profile on all of them at once. Your profile shows aggregated data across all the sites and all your users—if you have more than one. To see or edit your profile, click your profile pic and select Profile. If your profile is set to public, you can use it like a digital resume. Show it off so coworkers and future employers can see your Trailhead skills, your winning ideas, and your helpful community posts.

A profile

How: The first time you log in to a Salesforce-related site after is generally available, you see a prompt to enter or update some profile information. If recognizes any additional accounts of yours, they’re merged. You can manually merge accounts on the Settings page.