Recognize Revenue Anywhere

Enjoy the freedom of reporting on revenue recognition at any stage of the sales and finance process. Salesforce Billing Revenue Recognition API lets you create revenue schedules and transactions for any Salesforce object in response to triggers and processes.

Where: This change applies to Salesforce Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Salesforce Billing.

Why: Previously, Salesforce Billing could create revenue schedules only from order products, invoice lines, credit note lines, and debit note lines. The revenue recognition treatment was limited to creating revenue schedules only in response to activating an order, or posting an invoice, credit note, or debit note. Developers can now call the blng__RecognizeRevenue Apex class in response to any process, trigger, or REST API call, and target any financial object for evaluation. For example, you could forecast quote line revenue following quote approval, or forecast contract revenue after the contract is activated.

How: The RecognizeRevenue service receives key revenue recognition values, such as the amount to be distributed for revenue recognition, the revenue recognition rule, and the source object associated with the revenue recognition. Salesforce Billing then creates the revenue schedule and transactions. We recommend identifying an amount field on your financial object and passing that to the RecognizeRevenue service as the value used for revenue calculation. For example, you could pass a quote line’s List Total field.