Enable Dependency Access Checks In Lightning Components (Critical Update, Postponed)

This critical update is postponed to Winter ’21. It was scheduled for auto-activation in Summer ’20. This critical update improves Lightning component access checks by checking the access level of all component dependencies. A dependency is any resource used within a top-level component. For example, a component can use or extend another component in its markup or implement an interface.

Where: This change applies to Aura components and Lightning web components in Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic, Lightning communities, and all versions of the Salesforce app.

When: This critical update is enforced when a sandbox or production org is upgraded to Winter ’21. Enforcement starts on August 9, 2020 and takes effect when your instance is upgraded to Winter ’21. To find the exact activation date for your instance, refer to https://status.salesforce.com.

Why: Aura enables you to control access to your applications, attributes, components, events, interfaces, and methods via the access system attribute. The access system attribute indicates whether the resource can be used outside of its own namespace. An Aura or Lightning web component can also require a permission to access the component.

When the critical update is activated, the framework checks the access allowed for the top-level component and each component dependency, including any permissions needed to access each component. When the critical update isn't activated, the framework checks access for the top-level component only.

How: To test this critical update, we recommend working in a sandbox to complete testing before the initial enforcement date of August 9, 2020, which is the Auto-Activation Date in the UI. After August 9, you can no longer activate or deactivate the critical update and you can test behavior only in a sandbox that's already been upgraded to Winter ’21. If you don't activate the critical update before August 9, it will be automatically activated when your instance is upgraded to Winter ’21.

  1. From Setup, enter Critical Updates in the Quick Find box.
  2. Select Critical Updates.
  3. Review the details for the “Enable Dependency Access Checks in Lightning Components” critical update.
  4. Click Activate.
  5. If you have installed any packages that contain a Lightning component, upgrade to the latest version.
  6. Test that your custom Lightning components are working correctly.