Einstein Voice Assistant: Get More Done on the Run (Beta)

Let users make updates to Salesforce—like logging events, creating contacts, and updating opportunities—all by voice. Einstein Voice Skills lets you build custom skills tailored to your users’ most common tasks, generating more high-quality Salesforce data to inform decision making.

Where: This feature is available in the new Salesforce mobile app for iOS and Android in Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer editions. Setup for this feature is available in Lightning Experience.



As a beta feature, Einstein Voice Assistant is a preview and isn’t part of the “Services” under your master subscription agreement with Salesforce. Use this feature at your sole discretion, and make your purchase decisions only on the basis of generally available products and features. Salesforce doesn’t guarantee general availability of this feature within any particular time frame or at all, and we can discontinue it at any time. This feature is for evaluation purposes only, not for production use. It’s offered as is, and Salesforce has no liability for any harm or damage arising out of or in connection with it. All restrictions, Salesforce reservation of rights, obligations concerning the Services, and terms for related Non-Salesforce Applications and Content apply equally to your use of this feature. For information on enabling this feature in your org, contact your Account Executive. To provide feedback on Einstein Voice Assistant, contact Salesforce Customer Support.

When: You can use Einstein Voice Skills to create voice skill sets right away. Your changes become visible to mobile users the week of February 17, 2020.

Who: Einstein Voice Assistant will initially be available to most orgs already using an Einstein product. Within eligible orgs, users with a Salesforce license can use Einstein Voice Assistant.

Why: With Einstein Voice Assistant, Salesforce users can talk to their Salesforce org, driving productivity and adoption of Salesforce from anywhere. For example, sales reps can make on-the-go updates and create contacts and leads. Field agents can log service notes and follow-up tasks. And Salesforce admins and developers can build these custom voice experiences with clicks not code.

How: To get started, find Einstein Voice Skills in Setup. Then create a voice skill set with skills tailored to a user profile’s most common tasks.

After you create a skill set, your users will see the available skills when they open Einstein Voice Assistant in the Salesforce app. To use a skill, the user can tap it. While using a skill, the user can speak or type their responses.

Einstein Voice Assistant home page on mobile