Enable ICU Locale Formats (Previously Released Critical Update)

To help you do business wherever you are, we’re adopting the International Components for Unicode (ICU) formats for dates and times. These new formats replace Oracle’s Java 8 Development Kit (JDK8) formats. ICU sets the international standard for these formats for all locales. The new formats provide a consistent experience across the Salesforce platform and improve integration with ICU-compliant applications across the globe. This critical update was first made available in Winter ’20.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic, and all versions of the Salesforce app in all editions, except Database.com.

When: This critical update is activated automatically on January 31, 2022. Orgs created in Winter ’20 or later have ICU locale formats enabled by default.

How: Before activating this update in production, check with your package providers to make sure that all your installed packages are compatible with the ICU formats. Then evaluate the new locales’ impact to your Salesforce org. Use this SOQL query to find the locales in use in your org and a user count for each locale:

SELECT toLabel(LocaleSidKey) LocaleName, LocaleSidKey, Count(id) UserCount FROM User where IsActive=true GROUP BY LocaleSidKey

See the documentation for recommended areas of testing and details on the changes for each locale.



If your organization has fewer than 100,000 users, we display the query’s results in the Update Details page of the critical update.

To activate this update, from Setup, enter Critical Updates in the Quick Find box, then select Critical Updates. For Enable ICU Locale Formats, click Review. Click Activate.

The English (Canada) locale (en_CA) requires separate activation. Enter User Interface in the Quick Find box, then select User Interface. Select Enable ICU formats for en_CA locale and click Save.


Activating the critical update displays the new locale formats in the UI. The ICU formats are available in API version 45.0 and later.