Make It Easy for Admins to Find Your Actions by Categorizing Them

Developers can help admins find custom invocable actions more easily by creating categories for them. After you add a category parameter to an action, your admins see the new category and its associated actions when building flows in Flow Builder.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Why: Now you can create categories and name them whatever you like. When you’re using custom actions, categories make it faster and easier to browse to and find the right one. For most standard actions like Post to Chatter and Submit for Approval, Salesforce provides basic categories such as Approvals, Messaging, Email, and Opportunity. Custom actions without categories are found under the Uncategorized category.

How: Create a custom action, or edit an existing one. Add the new category parameter to the InvocableMethod annotation for the action. Add it where you also specify the label and description parameters.

public class SlackAction {
       label='Post to Slack Channel'
       description='Enter the name of the Slack channel you wish to post to.'
   public static void postToSlackChannel(List<String> channelName){
           // logic

Then as your admins use Action flow elements to build flows, they can select the new category under Filter By and easily find its associated actions.

New Action dialog in Flow Builder

If you specify an existing category—for example, Users—Salesforce adds the action to that category.