Help Your Agents Resolve Cases Faster with Einstein Article Recommendations (Generally Available)

Einstein Article Recommendations uses data from past cases to identify Knowledge articles that are most likely to help your agents address customer inquiries. Einstein Article Recommendations is generally available this release.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

Why: When you set up Einstein Article Recommendations, you can identify the fields on your Case and Knowledge objects that are most relevant to solving your customers’ cases.

When a customer submits a case, Einstein uses that information to:
  • Identify the most important information in the case record
  • Match that information to the most relevant articles from your knowledge base
  • Present those articles to your agents in the Knowledge Lightning component
A screenshot that shows recommended articles in the Knowledge component within the Lightning Service Console.

How: On the Einstein Article Recommendations Setup page, enable Einstein Article Recommendations. Select the Case and Knowledge fields for your article recommendation model, then build and activate it.

To give your agents access to Einstein Article recommendations, add the Knowledge component to your Lightning Service Console if it’s not there already. Assign your agents to a profile or permission set that gives them permission to use Einstein Article Recommendations.


  • Einstein Article Recommendations is available for articles written in English only.
  • You must have at least 100 English articles in your knowledge base to use Einstein Article Recommendations.