New and Changed Components for Change Sets

The components available for a change set vary by edition. These components are now available for change sets.
Email Service
Represents an email service.
Lightning Community Template
Represents a template used to create and export customized communities and to distribute custom components for others to use,
Lightning Community Theme
Represents layouts and styles (colors, fonts, and images) to customize the appearance and structure of pages in a community. Community themes are pre-built (Customer Service, Partner Central, Customer Account Portal, and Build Your Own) or can be customized.
Lightning Message Channel
Represents a secure channel to communicate across UI technologies (Lightning Web Components, Aura Components, and Visualforce).
Managed Content Type
Represents the definition of custom content types for use with Salesforce CMS. Custom content types are displayed as forms with defined fields.
Whitelisted URL for Redirects
Represents a whitelisted URL that users can navigate to without being shown a warning message.