Help Your Users Find the CMS Content They Need

Configure search within a community channel or channels from Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Heroku, Lightning apps, and other site experiences. Let users easily find the Salesforce CMS content they want and keep them engaged with your business.

Where: This change applies to Salesforce CMS and Lightning communities accessed through Lightning Experience in Enterprise, Essentials, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

How: To access the CMS Channels tab where you enable search, open the relevant user profile in Setup. In the Tab Settings section, set CMS Channels to Default On.

Then, to enable search for your community channels or other custom channels in your org, open the CMS Channels tab in Salesforce CMS. Enable search by selecting Arrow | Edit beside a channel and clicking the Search toggle.

Enable search

If you’re using Experience Builder to create the community or site where your content appears, after you enable search for a channel, you must then configure the Global Search Box component. Open Builder and add the Content object (1) to the Global Search Box component (2).

Configuring search window in Builder

After search is enabled for a channel, users can search for all published CMS content types within that specific channel.

content search results in CMS



Set up a content detail page for your custom content type so users can search for it in the community.

Chatter REST API supports searching managed content.