Lightning Base Components: Open Source

Base components for the Lightning Web Components framework are now open source. Explore the source code and customize base components for your own apps.

Why: You can use the base components source code to build custom components that meet your own requirements. The Base Components Recipes GitHub repository provides you read access to a subset of the components shown in the Component Library. Components that are currently not available in open source contain internal dependencies and cannot be open sourced at this time. However, it is our long term goal to open source all base components.

How: We transpiled the base components from the lightning namespace to the c namespace. This gives you the freedom to use and change the c namespace base components however you like in your own projects. A c component can also contain components in the lightning namespace. To develop on-platform components using base components, see the Salesforce Lightning Web Components Developer Guide. The off-platform usage for base components is currently experimental and isn’t generally available yet.