Empower Sales Reps with the High Velocity Sales Workspace and Work Queue

Sales reps can see all the information they need with the High Velocity Sales app. The app includes the work queue, which prioritizes the next steps reps need to take with their prospects. Lightning Dialer puts click-to-call right in Salesforce. Plus, with email templates and call scripts, reps can communicate confidently with prospects.

Where: The High Velocity Sales app and Work Queue are available for an extra cost in Lightning Experience in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

Who: To use High Velocity Sales features, users need the High Velocity Sales User permission set. Lightning Dialer is available for an extra cost as an add-on license.

Why: High Velocity Sales is built on the Lightning Sales Console, which provides your reps with everything they need in a tab-based workspace.

high velocity sales full page

The console features a navigation-friendly, three-column layout that includes a highlights panel (1), the familiar workspace (2), and useful related lists (3). With the split view, your reps can see a list view while they view workspace tabs and subtabs, so they get everything they need in one workspace. You can customize the default layout for your company’s business processes.

Reps can pin tabs such as Home (4) for easy access to useful content. Home provides reps an overview of what’s waiting for them in the Work Queue. It can also be customized for users to show relevant reports and dashboards.

Your reps can get the most out of High Velocity Sales with the Work Queue (5) in the split view. With the Work Queue, reps that own the lead or contact records see a prioritized list of emails, calls, and tasks. These activities are defined by the sales cadences created by sales managers. And reps can also tackle their own list of one-off activities from My List.

work queue

If your company uses Einstein Lead Scoring, leads in the Work Queue are prioritized by lead score. Your reps can immediately tackle the leads that are most likely to convert based on artificial intelligence about your business’s patterns of lead conversion. If Einstein Lead Scoring isn’t active, records are sorted alphabetically.

work queue with callouts

Reps can take action directly from the Work Queue. They can click the phone icon to launch Lightning Dialer from the console. Reps can send emails with the email action. And call scripts and email templates assigned to the sales cadence steps help reps power through each action even more efficiently. If reps perform the task without using the Work Queue, they can also manually complete a step. And they can skip a step if it isn’t relevant.

Work Queue component in a tab named Work Queue.

You can also expose the Work Queue in the Outlook and Gmail integrations by adding the component to an email integration pane.

High Velocity Sales includes Einstein Activity Capture, so relevant events and emails are automatically associated with related records in Salesforce. Reps don’t have to worry about manually logging different activities.

How: Set up and customize features from the High Velocity Sales page in Setup. For more information, see the High Velocity Sales Implementation Guide.