Other Enhancements to Dashboards in Lightning Experience

In addition to this release’s major features, we made some small-but-notable improvements to dashboards.

Where: These changes apply to Lightning Experience in Group, Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Why: A lot of little enhancements is a big deal.

Add Two Groups to Lightning Tables
Lightning tables now support two groups. Previously, you could have only one. For example, this dashboard shows opportunities grouped by stage and type.
Two Groups in a Lightning Table
Clone a Dashboard with Save As
To match reports, the Clone option dashboards is now labeled Save As. The functionality remains the same.
The Dashboard "Save As" Button
Add Another Date
We renamed the filter option Add More Date to Add Another Date. The previous label snuck past our grammar checkers. The functionality remains the same.
The "Add Another Date" Button on a Dashboard Filter
Reorder Dashboard Filter Values with Drag-and-Drop
You can drag dashboard filter values in the order you want them. Previously, you had to delete the filter values and then add them again in the desired order.
Reordering Filter Values
“Whole Number” Relabeled “Full Number”
We’ve changed the Display Units option to display a complete number from “Whole Number” to “Full Number.” Now that you can set decimal precision, “whole number” could be confused for “round to the nearest integer,” which is not what the option does. (To round decimals to the nearest integer, set Decimal Places to “0.”
People with SalesforcePlatform User Licences Can View More Dashboards
People with a SalesforcePlatform, SalesforcePlatformOne, or SalesforcePlatformLight user license can now view more dashboards. Previously, they could only view dashboards as people who had the same user license. Now they can view dashboards as people with other user license types, too.