Recommend Actions and Offers to Your Users (Generally Available)

Recommend actions and suggest ideas with the Einstein Next Best Action component. Available on Lightning record pages, this component uses action strategies that apply your org’s business rules and predictive models to display context-sensitive offers and actions, like an upgrade, a discount, or a task. Using Next Best Action Strategy Builder, you define the conditions and rules that determine which recommendations to display to your users. This component is available as part of Einstein Next Best Action.

Where: This change applies to Lightning communities accessed through Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Enterprise, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited editions.

Who: When a user accepts a suggestion, a screen flow launches. To run a flow, your community members must have either the Run Flows permission or the Flow User field enabled on the user detail page.

Why: Let’s say you’ve created an action strategy that displays two recommended flows when a case description includes “credit card benefits.” One flow offers a new card with travel rewards, and the other offers a new card with lower interest rates and fees. If your customer creates a case that includes the key phrase, they see the two suggested actions.

Suggested Actions component in communities.

Chatter REST API and Chatter in Apex support Einstein Next Best Action.