Create Partner Account Relationships and Data Sharing Rules (Generally Available)

If you have multiple distributors and they need different levels of access to your object records, sharing rules can get complicated. Easily create sharing relationships between partner accounts and protect confidential data by sharing only select information. Channel account managers can use account relationship data sharing rules and account relationships to target how information is shared and who it’s shared with.

Where: This change applies to Lightning and Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce communities accessed through Lightning Experience and Salesforce in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Who: External users with Partner Community and Customer Community Plus licenses have access to account relationships. The Create and Set Up Communities permission is required for users who want to create and manage account relationship data sharing rules.

Why: This All Orders list view is a list of orders that a partner had access to before setting up an account relationship and account relationship data sharing rules. All Orders before Account Relationship Data Sharing Rule is associated with an Account Relationshp

This All Orders list view is after an account relationship data sharing rule is created and associated with an account relationship.All Orders list view after Account Relationship Data Sharing Rule is associated with Account Relationship

How: Create the account relationship data sharing rule, which determines the account relationship type, how information is shared (by owner or by account id), the access granted (read or read/write), and the object records shared. Account relationship data sharing rules can be applied to accounts, contacts, campaigns, cases, leads, opportunities, orders, and custom objects. Use Advanced Formula to further refine the data sharing rule. Account relationship data sharing rule creation An account relationship with the same account relationship type can then use the rule to share data.