Embrace the Future with the Lightning Knowledge Migration Tool (Generally Available)

Get on board with Lightning Experience, and let the Lightning Knowledge Migration Tool do most of the heavy lifting to transition your Salesforce Classic knowledge base. Lightning Knowledge takes advantage of standard Salesforce components, helping you build faster and better. The Migration Tool consolidates article types into a standard Knowledge object, creates record types from previous article types, moves articles and files, and updates Feeds and Smart Links. And now you can also migrate articles owned by inactive users.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Essentials, Developer, and Unlimited editions. Salesforce Knowledge is available for an additional cost in Professional, Performance, and Enterprise editions.

Who: Admins must have the Knowledge User license to access the Lightning Knowledge Migration Tool.

How: To enable the Lightning Knowledge Migration Tool in your sandbox, contact Salesforce Support. You must test and verify the migration in a full-copy sandbox before you can enable the tool in a production org.

After it’s enabled, find the Lightning Knowledge Migration Tool in Lightning Experience Setup. Be sure to complete the planning steps so that you know what’s involved in migrating. To use Lightning Knowledge effectively, you also need to revise your permissions, page layouts, and customizations.

Previously, you couldn’t migrate articles with record owners who were inactive users, and the beta version didn’t handle this special case. Now the Migration Tool checks the Enable Set Audit Fields upon Record Creation and Update Records with Inactive Owners org preferences and temporarily enables them during the migration.