Deliver Holistic Care and Support with Social Determinants of Health Insights

Understand the social and environmental factors that adversely affect your patients or members, and address them with interventions that make the difference between struggling and thriving. Capture critical social and environmental factors like homelessness, food insecurity, and low income by identifying determinants, barriers, and interventions to help mitigate avoidable adverse health events.

Where: This feature is available through the Health Cloud Platform permission set license in Lightning Experience in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions where Health Cloud is enabled.

When: Social Determinants and Code Sets data model features are provisioned to all Health Cloud customers, based on their contracts, after the end of the Spring '19 release upgrade. Once the features are available in production orgs, you can replicate a new sandbox org and have access to Social Determinants and the Code Sets data model.

Who: Users must have the Health Cloud Permission Set License and the Health Cloud Platform permission set assigned to them.

Why: To effectively serve all members or patients—especially high-need, high-cost individuals—you need tools to efficiently capture, track, and follow up on social determinants of health. Health Cloud gives you a complete data model and a robust Lightning Experience component that helps you identify issues and create solutions.

How: Add the Care Determinants Lightning component to a case or account Lightning record page. Then use the new standard objects to support a customizable internal library of barriers, social determinants, and interventions.

From a case or an account, the Care Determinants Lightning component captures important information about issues and lets you create an intervention plan to address them.

Social Determinants component with callouts showing different features

Using the Care Determinants component you can:
  • Create barriers that describe the social or environmental issues that affect someone (1).
  • Select the social determinants that are relevant to each barrier, and view an aggregated list of determinants at the top of the card list (2).
  • Create and view tasks and other interventions that address the barrier (3).
The social determinants data model includes these standard objects.
  • Care Barrier Type—the standard, defined list of barriers used within your company, including the related codes and code types.
  • Care Determinant Type—the list of determinants of health maintained in your organization, including the domain and type.
  • Care Intervention Type—the standard, defined list of available referrals, programs, or other interventions maintained in your organization.
  • Care Barrier—the circumstances or obstacles affecting a member or patient.
  • Care Barrier Determinant, which relates a barrier to a determinant for a member or patient.
  • Care Determinant—the determinants of health that are relevant to a member or patient.