Build Flows More Intuitively with Flow Builder

Your flow-building experience just got a whole lot better! We’re replacing Cloud Flow Designer with a much faster tool: Flow Builder. It streamlines flow building and maintenance with a simplified user interface.

Where: Flow Builder is available in Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions. Flow Builder isn’t supported in Internet Explorer 11 and earlier.

Who: Like Cloud Flow Designer, Flow Builder is available to admins with the Manage Flow user permission.

Why: If you’re familiar with other builders on the Salesforce Platform, like Lightning App Builder or Community Builder, you should feel right at home.

With Flow Builder, we streamlined the toolbox, so it’s easier to choose the right element or resource for your flow. For example, we consolidated the data elements and how you create variables. No more keeping track of whether to use a Fast Create or Record Create, or which type of variable you need. We also renamed some elements and resources to be more intuitive. For example, the sObject data type is now called “Record.”

Flow Builder user interface

How: Flow Builder is now the default flow-building tool in all orgs, Salesforce Classic or Lightning Experience, so no migration is needed. When you modify an existing flow or click New Flow, you open Flow Builder.

When you use Flow Builder, the only change is how you build or modify flows. The new Flow Builder doesn’t affect how your flows behave or your users’ experience when flows run.

For now, you can still access flows with both flow tools. Cloud Flow Designer is disabled by default, but you can turn it back on. From Setup, go to Process Automation Settings and deselect Disable access to Cloud Flow Designer. When Cloud Flow Designer is re-enabled, you see the New Flow in Cloud Flow Designer button on the Flows page. When both tools are enabled, a flow opens in the tool that it was built with.



  • Adobe Flash is no longer required to build a flow.
  • We updated flow error messages, including those that are returned via Cloud Flow Designer, Metadata API, and Tooling API, to reflect the terminology used in Flow Builder. If you’ve written code that checks for specific error strings, you might need to update that code. The terminology in some warnings, error messages, and debug details aren’t updated for Flow Builder or Cloud Flow Designer.