New and Changed Aura Components

Spring ’19 introduces a new type of Lightning component called a Lightning web component. What we used to call a Lightning component we now call an Aura component. Aura components and Lightning web components work together and are both part of the Lightning Component framework.

New Aura Components

The following component is new and requires API version 45.0 or later.

Notifies the UI about unsaved changes in a component.

Changed Aura Components

The tabindex attribute has changed for the following components.

  • lightning:button
  • lightning:buttonIcon
  • lightning:buttonMenu
  • lightning:buttonIconStateful
  • lightning:buttonStateful
  • lightning:checkboxGroup
  • lightning:combobox
  • lightning:dualListbox
  • lightning:input
  • lightning:inputRichText
  • lightning:menuItem
  • lightning:radioGroup
  • lightning:select
  • lightning:tab
  • lightning:textarea

tabindex can be set to 0 or -1 only. The default tabindex value is 0, which means that a component is focusable and participates in sequential keyboard navigation. -1 means that the component is focusable but does not participate in keyboard navigation. Using tabindex values greater than 0 is no longer supported and makes it difficult for navigating page content with assistive technology.

The following components have changes.

The following attribute has changed.
  • menuAlignment—The auto alignment is now supported. The auto attribute aligns the dropdown with the viewport and takes care of overflow hidden elements.
The following attribute is new.
  • spinnerActive—Displays a spinner to indicate loading activity in the dropdown list. The default is false.
The following attribute is new.
  • suppressBottomBar—Specifies whether to hide the footer that displays the Save and Cancel buttons during inline editing. The default is false.
The following attributes are new.
  • showActivityIndicator—Displays a spinner to indicate activity in the list box. The default is false.
  • size—Number of items that display before a vertical scroll bar is displayed for the list box. Determines the vertical size of the dual list box.
When you click an address that is displayed as a link, the map now opens in a new tab.
The following attribute is new.
  • showStaticMap—Displays a static map of the location. The default is false.
The timeZone attribute requires a time zone name from the IANA time zone database. If you used a short code such as PST previously, it might have worked in some browsers. Browsers that use the ECMAScript Internationalization API might throw errors if you use the short code. Update your component to use an IANA time zone such as timeZone="America/Los_Angeles".
The following attribute is new.
  • showLookupAddress—Specifies whether to enable address lookup using Google Maps. The default is false.
The following attribute is new.
  • formats—A list of formats accepted by the text editor. By default, the list is computed based on enabled categories. The table format is always enabled to support copying and pasting of tables. If formats are specified, all desired formats must be specified. Omitting a format from the list removes the corresponding button.
The navigation service uses a PageReference object to describe pages. A new PageReference type of standard__webPage wraps a raw URL so that you can navigate to external websites See Navigate to a URL with the standard__webPage Page Reference Type.
This component executes a strategy and displays the resulting recommendations.
The following method is new.
  • checkValidity—Returns the valid property value (Boolean) on the ValidityState object to indicate whether the select has any validity errors.
The following attributes are new.
  • iconName—Specifies a utility icon to display next to a tab label.
  • iconAssistiveText—Assistive text for the icon specified by iconName.
  • showErrorIndicator—Specifies whether the tab content has an error. An error icon displays to the right of the tab label.
The disableUtilityPopOut method is new. See Lightning Console JavaScript API.
There are new methods for workspace tabs and subtabs. See Lightning Console JavaScript API.
The following eventName value is new.
  • chatConferenceState—Passes a list of the agents in the chat conference, whether an agent is joining or leaving the chat conference, and the name of the agent who is joining or leaving.
The following eventName value has changed:
  • queueUpdate—This event now fires in the following scenarios.
    • The visitor requests a chat and is waiting for an agent.
    • After requesting a chat, the visitor navigates to another page, but is still waiting for an agent.
    • The visitor had previously lost connection (see reconnectingState) and has regained it.
    • The visitor advanced in the queue, but is still waiting for an agent to accept the chat request.
    • A bot or agent has requested a chat transfer and is waiting for another agent to accept.
    • During a chat transfer, the visitor navigates to another page, but is still waiting to be transferred.
    • The visitor has advanced in the queue, but is still waiting for an agent to accept the chat transfer.