Subscribe to Dashboards to Schedule Refreshes and Get Email Updates

It’s Monday morning, and you’re racing to the office. You have a meeting at 8:00 AM and must refresh the Sales Pipeline dashboard so you can present about quarterly goals. It’s a good thing you subscribed to the Sales Pipeline dashboard and scheduled automatic dashboard refreshes each Monday at 8:00 AM. Your phone buzzes. Looks like you just received an up-to-date version of Sales Pipeline dashboard by email. Open it up and give it a quick review. You’re ready to present! This feature is new in Lightning Experience.

User Permissions Needed
To subscribe to dashboards: Subscribe to Dashboards
Subscbribing to a dashboard

Start or edit a dashboard subscription from the Dashboards tab. Find the dashboard you want to subscribe to, and click More Actions | Subscribe. Alternatively, view the dashboard and then click Subscribe. Then, set the subscription schedule. For example, to review your Sales Pipeline dashboard at the start of each week, set Frequency to Weekly, Days to MON (for Monday), and Time to 8:00 AM.

As you prepare to subscribe to dashboards, take note of these considerations and allocations.

  • Each person in your org can subscribe to up to five dashboards.
  • You can subscribe to filtered dashboards, but dashboard filters are never applied to emailed dashboards.
  • Emailed dashboards are always displayed with a one-column layout. Each row displays one dashboard component.
  • Dashboards configured to display data as The dashboard viewer under the View Dashboard As settings in Dashboard Properties (often called dynamic dashboards), don’t support subscriptions. You can’t subscribe to them.