Supercharge Your Productivity with Personalized Navigation in Lightning Experience

Personalize an app’s navigation bar to suit the unique way you work. You can reorder items, and rename or remove items that you’ve added. We’ve also given you more ways to navigate with temporary tabs. This feature is new in Lightning Experience.

Available in: Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions

Personalized navigation in Lightning Experience is similar to customized tab sets in Salesforce Classic but better. In Lightning Experience, the navigation bar can contain more than just object-level items, like Accounts. You can add granular items, like a dashboard, list, or record.

Manage Your Views with Temporary Tabs

Use temporary tabs to access important items directly from the navigation bar. For example, open a frequently used dashboard in a temporary tab to access it instantly from anywhere. Open a temporary tab

Temporary tabs are also a great way to manage items that aren’t in your current app. For example, let’s say you open an item from the App Launcher, from your favorites list, or from a link. If it’s not already accessible from the navigation bar, the item opens as a temporary tab where it’s in easy reach.

Temporary tab

The asterisk next to the item (1) means it’s a temporary tab. Temporary tabs are removed from the navigation bar when you close them, log out of Salesforce, or switch to a different app. But you can permanently add them to the navigation bar. Let’s look at that next.

Make a Temporary Tab a Permanent Part of the Navigation Bar

Do you always start your day with a specific item, like a list or dashboard? It’s easy to add it to the app’s navigation bar. Open the item as a temporary tab, and select Add to Nav Bar from the dropdown menu.Add tab to nav bar

Now it’s a permanent item in the app’s navigation bar.

Manage Items in the Navigation Bar

Add your own items to the navigation bar and tweak them to suit how you work.

  • Change the order of items to match your workflow
  • Rename or remove items that you’ve added

Click the pencil icon in the navigation bar to make changes.

Edit nav bar icon

Keep these considerations in mind when personalizing your navigation.

  • You can reorder, rename, or remove items that you’ve added to a navigation bar, but you can’t remove or rename the default items defined by admins.
  • A navigation bar can have up to 50 items, which includes the default items. If a navigation bar already has 50 default items, you can’t add more.
  • If you open temporary tabs and then open a new web browser tab, the temporary tabs aren’t available in the new browser tab.
  • Admins can’t access or modify the personal items users add to a navigation bar.
  • Personalizations that you make in Lightning Experience aren’t available in Salesforce Classic.

Important Actions for Admins

Help your users get the most out of personalized navigation.



If you don’t want your users to personalize the navigation bar for any app they use, you can disable personalization. From Setup, enter User Interface in the Quick Find box, then select User Interface. Select Disable Navigation Bar Personalization in Lightning Experience. And stay tuned. In an upcoming release, we’ll give you control of navigation bar personalization for specific apps.

  • Upgrade your Classic apps to Lightning apps. Your users can’t personalize the navigation bar of Classic apps in Lightning Experience.
  • Check what’s in your apps. Now that your users can add their own navigation items, it’s a good idea to remove clutter from the navigation bar. Your users can’t remove the items you include in the navigation bar, and they can’t personalize it if it contains more than 50 items. For example, if you include 32 items in an app’s navigation bar, your users can add an additional 18 personal items. After that, they can’t add more personal items.
  • Avoid opening temporary tabs by adding appropriate parent objects to the app’s navigation bar. For example, to prevent a contract list or record from opening as a temporary tab, add Contracts to the navigation bar.