Store Certain Data Privacy Preferences

Data privacy records, based on the Individual object, let you store certain data privacy preferences for your customers. These records can help you honor and respect your customers’ wishes when they request only specific forms of contact from your company. Some laws and regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), can require you to honor your customers’ wishes.
Available in: All Editions

The standard object, Individual, includes fields for storing data privacy preferences in data privacy records. These records are associated with your company’s leads, contacts, or person accounts in Salesforce. Although data privacy records let you track and store certain data privacy preferences, it’s up to you to determine how to honor those preferences. And if your company has special policies with which you comply, you can add your own custom fields to the Individual object.

In data privacy records, track and store customers’ preferences for:

  • Collecting, storing, and sharing their personal data
  • Packaging their personal data so they can take ownership of it
  • Deleting records and personal data related to them
  • Solicitation of products and services
  • Tracking their geolocation and web activity

Here’s how you let your users track and store certain data privacy preferences.

  1. From Setup, enter Data Protection and Privacy in the Quick Find box, and then select Data Protection and Privacy.
  2. Click Edit and select Make data protection details available in records and click Save.
  3. Add the Individual field to Lead, Contact, or Person Account page layouts.