Refresh Components List in Package Details as Needed

ISVs with packages that contain over 1,000 components can decide when to refresh the components list in the Package Details and avoid a long wait while this page loads. The components list continues to refresh automatically for packages with less than 1,000 components.

Package components frequently depend on other components that aren’t always added to the package explicitly. Each time you change a package, Salesforce checks for dependencies and displays the components as package members. Package Manager automatically checks for dependencies and shows the component relationship to the package in the Include By column of the Package Details.

If your managed package contains 1,000 or more components, the Package Details page now displays a Refresh Components option. Previously, the list refreshed every time you opened an existing package, causing a delay while it checked for changes to populate the Included By column.

Click Refresh Components if the package has new or changed components and wait for the list to refresh.

Screenshot showing Refresh Components button above components list