Save Time by Editing Inline in List Views (Generally Available)

Your reps can breeze through record updates in Lightning Experience with Lightning Edit in list views. Reps can modify a record without opening it, right from the list view. And in lookup fields, they can search for and create records on the fly. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.

For example, when updating a contact’s account in a list view, the rep can start typing the account name and get a preview of the results. Or, the rep can choose to create an account from within the list view.

Editing a Lookup Inline in a List View

Reps can edit only one field at a time, but they can save changes to fields on multiple records at once. Editing inline is different from doing a “mass action.” Both are done from list views, and both are efficient. But with inline editing, you’re saving a change to fields on one or more records. A mass action is selecting records and then clicking a button to do something with those records—for example, add them to a campaign.

Most standard and custom fields are editable inline. For fields that aren’t editable, the lock (Lock Icon) appears in the cell.

No special permissions are required for inline editing. But as always, reps can edit only the records that they have access to. Also, reps can’t edit inline if the list view uses filter logic.