Set Up Sales Cloud Einstein

To set up Sales Cloud Einstein, use the in-app Einstein Setup Assistant as a guide. You select who can use Einstein, enable Einstein features, and configure pages and list views so sales reps can see insights.

User Permissions Needed
To set up Sales Cloud Einstein: “Customize Application” and “Modify All Data”


  • Sales Cloud Einstein is only available to users with standard Salesforce licenses.
  • When you purchase Sales Cloud Einstein, Salesforce installs two packages in your org, SalesforceIQ Cloud and Sales Insights. Each package adds an associated integration user and profile. Salesforce uses these entities to provide insights to your org. If you update these entities, it can affect your org’s ability to get insights.
  • If you enable Automated Activity Capture, the Assistant may not work as expected. Alerts in the Assistant don’t reflect emails and events that were added to Salesforce with Automated Activity Capture. Also, emails that your users send from the Assistant don’t go through their Automated Activity Capture email account.
  • To use Predictive Lead Scoring:
    • There must be at least 1,000 leads created over the last six months in your Salesforce organization. Lead scores are not generated until you have enough data to make the scores reliable.
    • Your sales reps must be creating opportunities during lead conversion. Predictive Lead Scoring analyzes converted leads with associated opportunities.
    • Your sales reps must have converted at least 120 leads with opportunities over the last six months.
    • Your sales reps must be converting a total of at least 20 leads to opportunities each month, based on leads created in the last six months.
    • Your sales reps should be filling in their lead records thoroughly. If leads have more data, Predictive Lead Scoring generates better insights.
    • Try to eliminate duplicate leads from your org.
  • Don’t install APEX classes that reference the ScoreIntelligence field provided by Predictive Lead Scoring until after you have enabled Predictive Lead Scoring and received the email confirming that enablement is complete.

  1. From Setup, enter Setup Assistant in the Quick Find box, then select Setup Assistant under Sales Cloud Einstein.
  2. Select who can use Einstein.
    1. Create a permission set.
    2. From the License drop-down list, select Sales Cloud Einstein.License selection
    3. Click Save.
    4. Click App Permissions.
    5. Enable app permissions for Einstein features.App permissions
    6. Assign the permission set to users.
  3. From the Einstein Setup Assistant, enable Einstein features.
    If you enabled Automated Activity Capture, Salesforce asks Einstein users to connect their Google™ or Microsoft® Office 365® account to Salesforce. It takes up to 24 hours for their emails and events to be initially added to Salesforce.
  4. Using the Lightning App Builder, add the Einstein component to the Home page and to Lightning pages for accounts, leads, and opportunities.
    Einstein users see insights on the Einstein component. It takes up to 24 hours for insights to be available.
  5. After insights are available, add the Score field to any public lead list views. Salesforce automatically adds it to your default list view.


  • To get the most out of Opportunity Insights, tell sales reps to set the Sharing Setting for All Emails and Events to Everyone.
  • To get the most out of Lead Insights, tell sales reps to add the Score field to their list views.