Sales Cloud Einstein: A Smarter Sales Process at Every Step Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI for sales is here. With Sales Cloud Einstein, your team’s sales productivity is supercharged with key predictions, intelligent recommendations, and timely automation. This feature is new in Lightning Experience.


Some services and subscriptions include this feature for an extra cost. For pricing details, contact your Salesforce account executive.

Available for an extra cost in: Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions

Sales Cloud Einstein is your own data science department that learns from your team’s sales activities and CRM data. Einstein helps your team identify the best leads, convert opportunities more efficiently, and retain customers with ease.

Sales Cloud Einstein includes a host of key AI-powered features that let your team increase productivity at every step of the sales process.

Feature What It Does Where It Appears How It Helps
Automated Activity Capture Adds your team’s emails and events to related records. Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, and Person Account records Track sales-related activity on records and generate insights.
Lead Insights Scores leads from 1–99 based on how likely they are to convert. Lead records

List views

Prioritize leads and determine where to focus efforts.
Opportunity Insights Provides predictions, smart follow-ups, and key moments related to your opportunities. Home page

Opportunity records

Opportunity list views

Lightning for Outlook

Lightning for Gmail

Use relevant updates to win more deals.
Account Insights Highlights key business developments about accounts. Home page

Account records

Lightning for Outlook

Lightning for Gmail

Stay informed about developments that affect customers.


Insights display in English only.