Detect and Merge Duplicate Companies and Contacts in Lightning Experience

Help your sales teams maintain great relationships with customers, and keep your accounts and contacts clutter free. By displaying duplicate records, you can stop a sales rep from inadvertently spoiling a customer relationship—and wreaking havoc on your data. If you’ve already given your reps permission to merge records in Salesforce Classic, now they can also merge records in Lightning Experience. A consistent interface across accounts, contacts, and leads simplifies duplicate management for everyone. This feature is new in Lightning Experience only.

When you enable duplicate and matching rules, a potential duplicates card (1) on record home pages alerts sales reps to duplicates. You can switch to a temporary toast message (2) or display both alerts.Duplicate alerts on a record detail page: card and temporary toast message

  1. In Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter App Builder and then click Lightning App Builder.
  2. If desired, select a different option to alert sales reps to duplicates.Options for displaying duplicate alerts on record home pages
  3. On the Accounts or Contacts page, add the Potential Duplicates component.Adding the Potential Duplicates component to a record home page

Sometimes the list of duplicates by itself is all the information a sales rep needs. But a rep who has permission to merge duplicates can choose up to three records to merge.Full lilst of potential duplicates

Before merging, the rep can choose the correct value for each field.Three potential duplicates, with option to choose field values from each