Focus Your Community with Audience Targeting for Pages and Groups

In addition to profiles, you can now add location and record type criteria to page variations and hit your target audience. For example, by combining criteria, you can have a page that’s visible only to sales users in Canada or create a custom group geared just to that set of users.

Set Audience Criteria modal

Here are some considerations when using criteria to target an audience.

  • If you have multiple page variations, the page with the most assigned criteria is displayed. If you have pages with similar criteria, the rank of the criteria determines which page is displayed. Priority is determined in this order:
    • Profile
    • Record type
    • Location going from the most specific (like state) to the most general (like country)
    For example, you have two pages with the profile criteria set to sales user. One also uses the record type criteria while the other uses location. The page set to sales user and record type displays because record type has a high priority.
  • The profile criteria determines the navigation menu items. For example, if you turned off an item for a sales user profile, it’s off regardless of any additional criteria.

Location criteria have a few more specific items to note.

  • Location is actually the user’s IP location, which could potentially be located in a neighboring area.
  • The location permission is not on by default in Developer Edition orgs. Contact Salesforce if you want to use this feature in that edition.
  • Use of Google API is not permitted in some countries. Location criteria don’t work for those areas.